Wedding Photo Editing

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Pricing: $5-$20 Per Image
before image after image

Category 1 - $5/image

  • Removal of Facial and Neck Blemishes
  • Removal of Facial Shine
  • Stray hair Removal
  • Whitening of Teeth and Eyes
  • Softening/removal of facial wrinkles
before image after image

Category 2 - $10/image

  • Includes Category 1 and:
  • Glasses glare removal
  • Opening eyes
  • Head swaps
  • Replacing a single solid-colored background
before image after image

Category 3 - $20/image

  • Includes Category 2 and:
  • Remove people/objects
  • Add people/objects
  • Change the color of an item
  • Change to any background
  • Body slimming
  • Full body editing
  • Remove lens flare
  • Anything not covered by Categories 1 and 2.
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